Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver Review

oh no pretending guys David silky with hard resale shops today we're going to be demoing the Callaway Big Bertha fusion driver we got on course review coming at you here at soft impressed all floats on a freedom course as well as some real ball data so the bowl let's get into a little geeks be care about the fusion driver I think it reminisces of the old fti Z especially with this little notch back here the idea is to pull the way back and low to help get a higher launch on this it also has a tri-axial crown made of carbon fiber to lighten everything that you see here to pull it back as well as an EXO cage construction from the body of the driver to again lighten the load pull everything back and lo this is screaming hi mo I most forgiveness hi launching cheap driver so let's get this on the course let's see how it hits alright we're out here on hole number one of a freedom course we're going to give the fusion a try looking down at the balls here we have a little bit of a square rounded head right here you can kind of see that it comes around and suppose the around it has like a little notch right here gives you another picture right here that little notch that looks really interesting can't say I really am a big fan of that but it looks like it has a little bit of a closed space as well looking down at the ball it does have a little bit of a carbon fiber look right here if you guys can see that on the side here has some lines a little bit of lipstick red and silver down there to give you a little bit of a picture of best golf Club but that's that square at the end really is really as noticeable so keep this bad boy hit see how she goes I got the wind blowing against me a little bit I'm not going to get too much distance out of this so let's just see how it goes here [Music] high ball flight really high ball flight has a real loud crack to it I can't say I liked that too much but let's go see where I ended up all right we're out here at my ball you can kind of see here I landed right here right there is a 150 marker didn't get a whole lot of distance on it like I said the winds kind of blown in my face plus it launched really high made a huge cracking sound off the face so I wasn't super super impressed with how it flew let's go ahead it again and see how it flies all right out here hole number for freedom course going to give the fusion another driver review  hit see how she goes it said before not a fan of the way it looks down by the ball just looks like a spaceship that's us to see out flies again hopefully a little lower a little more distance hop down low on the heel I honestly have no idea where that winds let's go find out all right guys right here my drive and you can see I ended up right here right there's the 150 marker you get to the pole and that's what 15 yards away so hole is 4 6 7 15 yards from 165 so that's a little over 300 yards that is not bad for such a terrible strike on the heel for the best golf driver review. I am actually pretty impressed with that so if you guys can handle the way that thing looks it does fly high and that's what you're looking for maybe this is the club for you guys right here Oh hole number 5 the infamous grip and rip it hole the 714 yard par 5 the only trees in sight are the ones over there the entire fairway completely empty let's give the fusion a try you have to go whoa flip it down the right-hand side that actually could be a very very very best Driver let's go take a look at it see I think it's in the rough but I think you've traveled a long way I ended up here and the same strap up there you can probably not see it but that way is the 250 mark I am 173 away from that so if you track that from 714 you get close to 290 or something like that so not a super duper super drive but I've hit the rough right over here bounced in so not bad for the grip and rip it always impressed when I can hit it in bounds let's take a look at some of that dry ball data and looking at the dry ball data for the Callaway Big Bertha fusion driver we can notice that my ball speed is 153 which is typically where I'm at my club head speed is 106 again which is typically where I at my launch degrees my launch angle is actually a little higher golf club 2017 than what I typically have at 12 12 and 1/2 degrees and my backspin is a little higher at 34 67 so that's a little a little surprising for such a low center of gravity trying to help the ball launch up in the air you can see that it Peaks out at a roughly 31 yards which is again pretty typical for me with a carry distance of 271 which again pretty significant me the things I did not like about this were with the head shape I thought it was ugly you know I don't know if that does that's a technical term so I couldn't really gain this club just because when I look down on it it just looks completely ridiculous but the numbers themselves actually showed that it's a pretty forgiving Club I mean the worst shot I hit was a 32-yard slice and so that's in the rough that's that's that's playable and I kind of cut pretty much the rest of them are going to be at least in the fairway or the first cut so the club itself has a lot of forgiveness and and actually would probably be a decent driver for you to hit if I could get past looking at the actual design of the club which i think is ok oh good let's get back on the course for our own course review overall the Bertha fusion driver not a fan of the looks I can't wrap my mind around this squared edge right here in such a long body it does have some looks like the PG 30 or PG Series driver but this little this little notch right here just just looks like a spaceship to me plus it looks like it has a little bit of a closed space but so if you guys are struggling with maybe pushing or a slicing or you know banana balling this club might be the one for you it is light it does have the center of gravity back and down to help you guys get that ball clear up in the air so if that's something that you guys are looking for this club might be a choice for you to help you get that ball up in the air do you guys have this you tried this out shoot those in the comments below let me know what you guys think did you find the same things that I found super high ball flight a little bit of a squared look is that what you're noticing or am I just pretending I look forward to hearing your comments down below while you're down there go ahead and hit that subscribe button and give us a thumbs up YouTube likes that and we'll chat leave you next time which I think you okayy.